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Soothing Piano Music

Bridge of Time Piano Solo 

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Bridge Of Time, soothing solo piano music, by Aik Pin is now available at! Visit site for quick and easy free plays of all the music from this album. 

From a fan after listening to the songs - Your music really touches my heart and makes me feel relaxed! [more reviews

About the Project

I always loved playing the piano.  Since young, I loved sitting at the piano and just play whatever that comes into my mind.  When listening to music, I am usually attracted to  songs that have a memorable melodies, music that touches you, music that are played from your heart.  I believed they more or less have some influence on the style of my music.
Bridge Of Time is a collections of some of my piano music that I have written throughout the years.  It is an album about friendship, love, freedom and separation.  All these are something that each one of us will experienced at some stage of our lives.   My greatest wish is that it will connect to the hearts of those who listen. 

Thank you for sharing this with me!

Aik Pin

p.s. If you play the piano and like to try out the music from Bridge Of Time, you are welcome to download the free sheet music First Love from the album.  Just join the Piano Music Lovers mailing list for more information!


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