Bridge Of Time CD Music Reviews

By Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications
Posted on July 8, 2002

Ng Aik Pin’s debut CD, “Bridge of Time”, is a collection of gentle original piano solos. A lot of contemporary music coming out of Singapore and other areas of Asia tends to be sad and a bit melodramatic, but I think a more apt description of Aik Pin’s style is bittersweet. The eleven songs aim for the heartstrings with simple, easily accessible melodies without a lot of fuss. Direct and uncomplicated, the music tells of various life experiences and the emotions involved. The title song is a beauty with a sweet and soothing melody - it could easily be a movie theme. “Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast” is a sad song that takes its title from a poem by WH Auden. Loneliness and a sense of frustration come through the variations on the main theme. “Lost Dream” is the most powerful of the pieces with feelings of loss and anger. Aik Pin’s classical training really shows on this piece. “Images” is another lovely piece with just a touch of classical bravado for color. “First Love” is a sweet little song (his first) composed when Aik Pin was eight years old, and is about his new-found love, the piano. My only real criticism of this CD is that the left hand can be very predictable - a little more variation in the bass pattern and rhythm would keep the pieces much more interesting. The mood stays consistent throughout most of the songs, making this a great accompaniment for a quiet dinner or a lovely backdrop for other activities. Very enjoyable. “Bridge of Time” is available from

By Darrell Wade Burgan, God Of Music
Posted on June 2002

Song : Lost Dream

To me, solo piano is the one of the most sublime musical experiences out there. At its best, the emotion that can be captured, the nuances expressed, simply captivate the senses and the soul. The only caveat is that, like new age music in general, the solo piano can be an instrument of lounge cheesiness if not handled properly.

A brilliant purveyor of this genre is Ng Aik Pin, who delights the listener with delicate and romantic piano compositions and performances. What gorgeous technique! Folks, this artist can play the piano, and the simplicity of his compositions belies the difficulty of performing them as purely and cleanly as he does, and yet still captures the soul and fire of the artist's emotions. Bravissimo.

The recording is crisp and clear, wonderfully engineered. It has been awhile since I've heard a piano recorded this nicely. If this is a sampler, I'll eat my Kurzweil stage piano.

What really sets this piece apart, though, is the song structure. Folks, this is old-school composition, with a tremendous emphasis on the melody of the song, not on the artist's chops nor on the sound sculpting or what have you. This is simply a beautiful song performed effortlessly by a great pianist.

If I could suggest anything to the artist, it would simply be that there needed to be a stronger second theme in the piece. The melody was strong, memorable, and easily identifiable, but the bridges between the verses felt a bit more hesitant. In particular, the chord structure was much too similar between the verses and bridges to help the listener clearly discern between them.

But this is a fine suggestion indeed, and is really the only thing this reviewer can come up with in regards to this wonderful track. If you enjoy contemporary piano, new age, or simply well-written melodic music, you should catch this piece immediately. Kudos.

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"Just want to let you know that your music really touches my heart... They also remind me of what my piano teacher used to say: a piece of music does not have to sound difficult to be beautiful." ~ Hong

"What a lovely music with beautiful melodies and much emotional feeling!!! Introspective playing giving the chance to recollect the memories of the pure love in the past." ~ Seung-Hee KIM

"Your piano music is beautiful. Perfect for the rainy day it is today, very thoughtful. Thank you for sharing!" ~ Jennifer

"Now I know how music sounds in Heaven!" ~ Frank Travisano

"Your music really touches my heart and makes me relaxed. Especially "Now the leaves are falling fast". The Autumn season was starting while I was hearing that song. Besides, you remind me about my piano in my home country, I really miss my piano!" ~ Louise.S.

I believe the Bridge of Time piano solo music is the about the most beautiful music I've heard. ~ Kelly Kaskie

I enjoy all your compositions and your style of playing.  Very emotional and with much feeling.  The slight pauses add such depth.  It touches my soul each time I listen. ~ Don

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